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Kissable Kitty Kit - PRE-SALE

Kissable Kitty Kit - PRE-SALE
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Pre-Sale | Orders will be shipped by October 9th!

I promise he won’t keep his tongue off of you - you will taste as good as you smell 🔥
smell good - feel good - taste good - refreshed !

YONI WASH (8 oz)
Feminine Wash has Clarifying and pH balancing benefits. Removing bacteria from vaginal mantle, labia, and vulva allowing you to feel fresh throughout the day.

*Unscented; Not for Internal Use*

Directions: Apply 2-3 pumps to wash cloth or fingertips cleanse external areas of the vagina - labia, vulva, mantle. Store out of direct sunlight; good for 1 year.

Water | Castile | Decyl Glusoide (plant derived) | Rose Water | Rose Extract | Aloe Vera Extract | Colloidal Silver| Radish Root

YONI MYST (2 oz)
Our feminine spray refreshes intimate parts during the day. It is pH balancing, sweat reducing, great after showers and before intimacy. Especially great for warm/hot days, and those who live in dry climates. rose & lavender blend

Directions: Spray externally after shower or sex, freshen up during the day. Store out of direct sunlight for up to 6 months.

Water | Rose Water | Rose Extract | Aloe Vera Extract | Rose Petals | Radish Root

Pineapple Yoni Oil is a blend of organic carrier oils for the vulva skin. This unique formula is designed to soften skin and leave it feeling smooth, desirable and kissable. The sweet aroma of this oil makes your mouth water as soon as you smell it.

Almond Oil | Apricot Kernel Oil | Sunflower Oil | Jojoba oil | Arade a Paraben Free Fragrance Oil