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Mr. Irresistible - PRE-SALE

Mr. Irresistible - PRE-SALE
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Pre-Sale | Orders will be shipped by October 9th!

I promise she won’t keep her hands off of you - she won’t be able to resist!

smell good - feel good - taste good - refreshed !

Beard Wash (2 oz)
Our Beard Wash removes dirt and buildup while conditioning hair follicles.

Castile | Safflower Oil | Grapeseed | Patchouli | Lemongrass | Nutmeg | Sandalwood

Beard Oil (2oz)
Our Beard Oil promotes hair growth and nourishes hair shafts.

Castor | Grapeseed | Avocado Oil | Tea Tree Oil | Patchouli Oil | Lemongrass | Peppermint Oil